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                  China Nuclear Lanzhou Uranium Enrichment Co., Ltd.


                    China Nuclear Lanzhou Uranium Enrichment Co., Ltd., which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CNEIC. It is the first uranium enrichment plant in China and a high-tech enterprise specialized in uranium isotope separation. Deng Xiaoping personally approved, selected and started construction, on May 31, 1958. The company is located in Xigu district, Lanzhou city, Gansu province, the geometric center of China. Covering an area of 7.7 square kilometers, it has unique advantages in resources and environment. Since its establishment, the company has experienced two development stages: gas diffusion process production and centrifugal process production. At present, the company has a number of centrifugal process uranium enrichment production lines, all of which are used to produce low-enriched uranium series products, which can ensure the national demand for nuclear energy development and make historic contributions to national security and economic construction. The company has won the "May 1st Labor Award" twice, and has won the National Science and Technology Progress award, the National Advanced Unit of Ideological and Political work, the National Advanced Enterprise of Quality and Efficiency, the National Advanced Enterprise of Equipment Management , etc.

                    In the process of construction and development for more than 60 years, it has always been highly valued by the party and the state, and has been greatly coordinated by the people and various industries across the country, forming a relatively distinct enterprise advantage. It mainly includes political construction advantage, geographical location advantage, land resource advantage, regional coordination advantage, technology comparative advantage, infrastructure advantage, enterprise culture advantage, management experience advantage, talent team advantage, life security advantage, etc.

                    In the new era, the company will always adhere to the scientific, standardized and highly efficient, excellent and green, harmonious and sustainable development, adhere to the body slimming, intelligent operation and social skills, control of service standardization, artisans, cadres younger, cultural roots, income level, the consciousness of marketization, the party leading, strive for to 2020 completed "strong political, cultural, excellent team, strict management, fine, mechanisms, new, high technology, large scale and good benefits, beauty of environment, ecology" first-class base for nuclear fuel.