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                  CNNC Tianjin Machine Co., Ltd.


                    CNNC Tianjin Machine Co., Ltd. (CNMC) is one of the important members of CNEIC, which was founded in 2008. CNMC is located in Haihe High-tech Industrial Park, Tianjin. It is an important high-tech manufacturing enterprise of CNNC.

                    CNMC has established and formed a production management organization system and talent team focusing on high-tech precision processing and manufacturing. There are more than 260 management and professional technical personnel, more than 1100 professional skilled workers, and 7 researcher level senior engineers. It has won one National May 1st Labor Medal, two national technical experts, one technical expert of CNNC group, one Tianjin labor model and one CNNC group labor model. These representatives with national and provincial honors, as well as CNMC's strong talent team, have become a new driving force for the reform and development of nuclear machinery.

                    CNMC is mainly engaged in the processing of parts, assembly of components and general assembly of special nuclear fuel equipment, and is the only manufacturing base of special nuclear fuel equipment in China. The industrial application of the special equipment fills up the gap in this field in China. Its performance has reached the level of the same kind of special equipment in foreign countries, and some parameters are better than the same kind of special equipment in foreign countries.

                    It has successively won the second prize of national science and technology progress, 13 Science and technology awards at all levels, such as national defense science and Technology Bureau, CNNC group, etc., and won national and provincial honors such as "certificate of high and new technology enterprise", advanced unit of May 1st Labor Medal, home of national model employees, and "civilized unit" of Tianjin. With the national security and efficient promotion of nuclear energy construction and development, CNMC has stepped into the fast lane of reform and development. CNMC is committed to giving full play to the unique political and ideological advantages of the central enterprises, adhering to the market-oriented, focusing on the construction of management and technology two core capabilities, taking "becoming a world-class manufacturing enterprise" as the corporate vision, striving to achieve the strategic goal of "lean management, equipment automation, production informatization, manufacturing intelligence", giving full play to high-precision processing, high precision assembly , the advantages of lean benchmarking enterprises, actively exploring the market, leading relevant diversified development with innovative technology, and building CNMC into a special equipment production base with innovation awareness, cultivation of excellent talents and international competitiveness, contributing to the realization of the "three in one" goal of CNNC group.