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                  CNNC Cangzhou Nuclear Fuel Co., Ltd.


                    CNNC Cangzhou Nuclear Fuel Co., Ltd. (CCNFC), which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CNEIC, founded in Nov. 2015. It is the main body of Cangzhou Nuclear Fuel Industrial Park.

                    According to the medium and long-term development strategy of nuclear fuel industry, CNNC is a "one-stop" nuclear fuel processing base, which is planned and arranged in the east coast of China in accordance with the principle of "two approaches and two improvements" and the orientation of marketization, internationalization and independent development. The plant site is located in the East Economic Development Zone of Cangzhou, Hebei Province. In the way of "one-time planning, distribution and implementation", we will gradually build facilities for uranium purification and conversion, uranium enrichment, uranium assembly manufacturing, and depleted uranium treatment.

                    According to the master plan approved by CNNC, Cangzhou Nuclear Fuel Industrial Park focuses on the construction of facilities such as uranium purification and transformation, uranium enrichment, nuclear fuel element manufacturing, etc., so as to realize the large-scale, cluster and international development at a high starting point. A new type of nuclear fuel processing system with new and old bases coordinating and complementary advantages of internal and external resources will be established, and a world-class "one-stop" nuclear fuel processing service industry cluster will be gradually established. Relying on the core technology of the industry and stimulating the intensive energy of resources, we will gradually build a R&D and manufacturing base for nuclear fuel related industries, extension industries and nuclear technology application industries. Give full play to the key role of the market in resource allocation and enterprise management, and gradually build an open and win-win industrial cooperation platform.