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                  China's nuclear energy industry was born out of the need of the rising power. From scratch, from small to large, in 1980, a professional company, China Nuclear Energy Industry Co., Ltd. was born. It is the first powerful international trading company in China's nuclear industry after the reform and opening up.

                  For nearly 40 years, China Nuclear Energy Industry Co., Ltd. has made historic contribution building a strong Chinese nuclear industry.

                  In 2017, The China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) decided that China Nuclear Fuel co., Ltd. and China Nuclear Energy Industry Co., Ltd. to build up a new Chinese Nuclear Energy Industry co., Ltd..

                  • Nuclear fuel cycle business

                    The business of CNEIC involves most links of nuclear fuel cycle industry, including the most core links of uranium purification and conversion, uranium enrichment, uranium assembly processing and manufacturing, uranium assembly zirconium material manufacturing and processing. After more than 60 years of development and construction, it has accumulated and formed the advantages of infrastructure, key technology, talent team and marketing management service in the integration of production, supply and marketing, and has become an important nuclear fuel industry specialized company of CNNC.

                  • Nuclear technology development

                    CNEIC exerts the advantages accumulated in the development of nuclear fuel industry in the past 60 years. It has many nuclear fuel research institutes and professional R&D institutions, and has rich advantages in research and development, processing and manufacturing, design and construction of nuclear fuel technology. It mainly involves the basic theory research of nuclear fuel cycle, uranium purification and transformation, isotope separation, ultra clean filtration, mechanical design and manufacturing, uranium assembly manufacturing, laser technology, post-treatment, decommissioning treatment, zirconium material development and many other fields.

                  • Engineering construction

                    With the development of supporting nuclear fuel industry, CNEIC has the general contracting engineering capacity of nuclear fuel project integrating the whole process of design, construction, procurement, construction management and commissioning, and has the capacity and relevant qualifications to design, build, commission and support the construction of production and processing projects of nuclear fuel industry.

                  • Trade and services

                    CNEIC is a nuclear fuel industry development and international trade company directly under CNNC. It is authorized by the state to engage in the import and export trade and agency of uranium products, nuclear fuel cycle equipment and nuclear power technology equipment. It has undertaken and completed dozens of major nuclear energy import and export, material procurement bidding agency business. With excellent service and outstanding performance, it has established a good reputation in the industry.